There has been a high demand for standing desks recently. Research has shown that long sitting hours can damage one’s posture and affect muscle activity and metabolic rate. In business, demand means high prices. Due to the increased demand, the stand-up desks are very expensive. People are now making their desks to beat the high prices. It might seem a brilliant idea, but it is not as cool as you think. Before I tell you why to let us look at the advantages of standing desks.

Benefits of standing desks

standing deskThe most known and proven advantage is the improvement of one’s muscle activity and posture. With a standing desk, you will be preventing your back from getting a hunch, and your neck will not be at awkward angles. In addition to that, you will improve your blood flow and increase metabolic rates. Metabolic rates increase by three times. I am sure you are familiar with some of the benefits mentioned in the paragraph. I will explain why buying a standing desk is better than constructing one yourself.

Skill set

Not everyone has the skill to construct a standing desk. There are a million guides online on how to do it, but what many people do not know is that not all of them match the author’s workstation. Specialists in woodwork will agree with me that there are very many specifications when it comes to constructing items that support the weight. For instance, the person giving you the guide might be referring to an LCD monitor, while you might have a heavier monitor like a CRT. Calculating the reaction force to support different weights is not a matter of addition and subtraction.

No quality control or guarantees

standing deskHave you ever asked yourself why branded goods are more expensive? It is because they undergo all manufacturing stages and go through the most expensive quality control phase. When it comes to standing desks, the branded ones come with three months warranty. This is to mean; you will get another chair in case the one you bought does not support your weight during the given period. In case of damages and injury, the manufacturing company will cater. Just be safe, only purchase standing desks with liabilities and guarantees. It is, therefore, more practical to spend more and buy a quality desk, instead of saving a few coins and get poor quality converter kit. If you do not have an idea of where to get quality standing desks search online for standing desk reviews, then choose one that matches your needs and budget.