Whenever the police pick up a suspect, it is important to get a professional to represent their interests both in and out of the court system. A criminal defense attorney will certainly know how to give the best service for those unlucky enough to have been arrested by the police. Therefore, you have to choose from the top rated lawyers in Springfield, Missouri.


Someone who helps you to understand the law

lawSometimes people will not realize that they have broken any particular law. Although ignorance of law is not classed as an adequate reason for breaking that law, a professional will know how to explain this to the court and may be able to glean some sympathy. They will also know if the accused was treated in the correct manner when they were in the process of being arrested.

Someone who helps you understand your rights

For example, anyone who is arrested must read their rights in the language that is considered to be their mother tongue. Anyone who is foreign, or who does not understand English so well, has a right to have an interpreter present when these rights are being read to them. When this does not happen, then it is possible that the arrest will be deemed illegal and the case dismissed forthwith. But how many people are aware of this? Even police line ups have been the focus of some controversial identification processes since the accused must also be accompanied by similar looking individuals before being put in the lineup.

Putting in people who are nothing like the accused is classed as fraudulent since the witness could only pick out the accused if this happens. Again, these experts are well aware of these tricks that are sometimes used to identify people who they want to hold for indefinite periods, but this is surely the wrong way to do it.

Someone who can lessen the degree of sentence

lawEven when the accused has admitted the crime, the criminal case attorney will always try to lessen the degree of the sentence since the accused has saved the court time and expense. By having this kind of bargaining chip, the accused will certainly get the best deal possible although he will still have to pay for his crime to some degree. Anyone brave enough to try to defend themselves will often have rings run around them by the prosecutor since they will not know the finer points of the law. So it is surely in their interest to find their expert rather than depend on upon one that is appointed by the court. These tend to be exceptionally busy people who may not have the time to consider all the circumstances surrounding the case.


It is of paramount importance that the law is upheld to the letter of course, but mistakes have happened with people being falsely identified, or tried and convicted of crimes that they just did not commit. To stop this from happening, the accused should get the best expert that he can to argue his case and trust that he knows how to go about getting the lowest sentence, or even acquittal.