Indeed, exceptional aerial photography has never been at anyone’s disposal wherever you go with the advent of high-performing portable drones that you can carry on your pocket. Yes, pocket drones have improved a lot, and while they may look like toys in appearance, some of the best out there can rival some of the cheaper big drones that we have in the market today. If you are out of budget and you are settling for a more affordable drone, going for the best performing pocket drone can just be a good idea.

When buying drones, your topmost consideration must be the quality of aerial photography that it is capable of, which is very much expected. Buying a drone that will give you blurry images must be the last thing in your mind, of course. Some pocket drones also have 4k resolution which can give you the best selfies. Honestly, you will never feel so fulfilled as a photographer until you have a 4k camera that will provide you with topnotch photos. You can click here for some essential tips when buying a pocket drone.


If you are buying a drone for taking selfies only, the range may not be an essential factor to you. The range of a pocket drone determines the distance of a drone can get while maintaining a radio link to the pilot. This is crucial for drone owners who like to go outdoors and take shots from a distance. You may not be able to take shots of objects at the other side of a hill with a pocket drone that has a short range.

Flight Time

Some pocket drones also have 30-minute flight times like the bigger drones. By having a drone with long flight time, you can make more shots instead of changing batteries more often. Flight time is determined by batteries, so having spare batteries can let you extend flying your drone for a longer time, or else you have to pocket your drone and go home.

Ease of Use

If you are new into flying drones, you may choose drones that are easy to operate that even children may not find any difficulty in running them. You may not need a pocket drone that has too many features to confuse you.

pocket dronePrice

This factor may have the most significant effect on your decision. There must be a considerable difference in quality between a pocket drone that is priced at $100 to another brand that you can buy at $300. Saving on money and buying the more expensive and high-quality drone can the better option rather than settling for a cheap and toy-grade drone.


A pocket drone should be foldable to be able to pocket it. Otherwise, you have to carry it in a backpack. The sleek design of pocket drones is also important to some drone-lovers. If you can have a pocket drone that can resemble a beautiful bird up in the sky, why not?