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General Information About The Venus Factor

Venus Factor

Most women desire to have a certain weight. Most of them start dieting programs but give up along the way because they do not see results. Below is the general information about the Venus Factor to help you as you consider starting the program.

The Venus Factor

What is the Venus Factor

It is a diet program for women that was started by John Barban. It is meant to help the women who have hit the gym but have not had long term success in achieving their desired weight. It i
s more of a system than a diet plan that aims to make one consume fewer calories and have more on the days of maintenance in order to enhance their metabolism. For more information one can read the venus factor system review.Venus Factor

Why is dieting in women different from the men’s

John Barban believes that the dieting for women is to be treated differently from that of men because of the fat burning hormone, leptin. Leptin speeds up metabolism and makes your body burn up the fat. Despite the fact that women produce leptin, they are less responsive to it hence develop leptin resistance. More to that, when women begin to diet the levels of leptin in their body drops as compared to when men diet.

How the Venus Factor diet helps

This diet is made in such a way that it restores the body’s leptin levels making it work efficiently to burn fat. This whole process is what is described as the metabolic override, which makes the fat burning process simple since it works with your body to achieve that. The Venus Factor diet will ensure;
• One does not get cravings for certain foods
• Their energy levels are high throughout the day
• They have a boosted metabolism
• Permanent fat loss on the stubborn areas like the stomach and the hips

Which food are advocated for

Contrary to the popular belief that some foods like soya help in cutting weight, John Barban has a different opinion. The diet works with an individual woman based on their weight where they are given a certain calorie recommendation. The diet restricts one’s calories intake for five or six days which help in lowering the leptin levels hence slow fat burning process. During the week one is given a day or two where they can eat calories to maintain their weight. These days are meant to raise the metabolism which fools the body that one is losing weight. Since it is hard for some people to fast, John recommends fasting overnight for twelve to fourteen hours and at most sixteen ho
urs. One can have their morning coffee at ten and take their breakfast at lunch making it easy to stick to the diet of low calories.Venus Factor

Type of exercises recommended

According to Barban, the workouts involving women have to be shorter than those for men. People tend to lose more weight at low-intensity exercises than when they do the more intense ones. The exercises are done thrice a week which include weight superset and pyramid style reps which target the cellulite and enhance the sensitivity of leptin.

How long the program lasts

The program lasts for twelve weeks, but one tends to continue way after the 12 weeks mark. Most of them end up being committed to the program for life.


Getting that Extra Boost for Your Workouts

Extra Boost for Your Workouts

Are you a person who like to stay fit and hit the gym regularly? If so, you are at the right place as you will find some tips on how to improve your energy and do the exercises needed to build your body and look amazing.

Building Your Body Extra Boost for Your Workouts

The human body is a work of art that can withstand intense pressure, but in order to do this, it needs to be given all the components that will make it healthy and give it the ability to endure. Building your body requires that you perform exercises that will target a particular area, like the triceps, biceps, and abdominal muscles. Not everyone is the same, and the level of activity must match each person. The best way to know which exercises will suit you is to speak with a physical fitness trainer.


We all need to have a balanced diet so that your body can get the nutrients it needs to carry out exercises. If you are eating erratically, your body will not be able to handle the workouts, and you may feel tired soon. If you want to make the most of your exercise program, you need to take some supplements.

Why do you need supplements?

 Extra Boost for Your WorkoutsThe general thinking is that a person can get the nutrients they need from eating a balanced diet. While this may be true to some degree, there are times where the body needs a boost. If you are involved in lifting weights and CrossFit training, you require more energy, and you will not get this from only eating regular food. Not everyone’s body digests food the same and many people cannot get enough nutrients from the food they eat.

Staying healthy

If you are in the process of building your body, always avoid things that will harm your health. Don’t consume alcohol or smoke and do not eat unhealthy food. Always get adequate sleep so that your body has time to recover from a day of intense workouts.


We all like to stay healthy and fit, but sometimes we will need a little bit of help and this is where a quality supplement that has been around for a while will be able to help you get that additional energy to complete your training.


Top Benefits Of Anti-Aging

Top Benefits Of Anti-Aging

Who would not want to remain young forever? Aging scares many people as it comes with a lot of difficulties, burdens, and pains. Some anti aging doctors in los angeles california say that this process can be slowed down. That sounds like good news, right? The processes are done using anti-aging therapies that are or must be carried out by professionals. Many reputable clinics across the world perform this procedure using highly innovative technologies. It is a delicate process, but when done well, they have many benefits.

Benefits of anti-aging therapy

Stays younger

It sounds the main reason for the treatment. When one is exposed Top Benefits Of Anti-Agingto the treatment, doctors carry out a series of research to understand your bodies chemical composition as they differ with different people. Once they understand it, they will know the method to apply you and the products to use as this also change with different people. When it is successfull, the body remains young lower. The rate of cell damage slows down hence no wrinkles of the weakening of bones that comes with aging.

More active person

As people get old, everything slows down from the memory to physical strength. It is no longer possible to jog or take your favorite yoga exercises in the field. It happens because much of the body cells have been damaged and digestive and metabolism rates are slowed down as well. The active body hormones are now weak and cannot cope up the activities that need enrgy. Once the Anti-aging therapy is done to you, these activities that are making you vulnerable will be slowed to a significant level, and the body remains active.

Increased life expectancy

Top Benefits Of Anti-AgingWhat reduces people life expectancy? It is the continuous weakening of the body due to food we eat and other factors like environmental pollution. They fight our bodies posing adverse effects to it. The anti-aging therapy will give the body all it requires to cope up with this pollutions. The body will be able to digest the food and filter it for consumption and waste since other body organs are energetic.

Help to fight diseases

Most diseases like diabetes, stroke, and cancer come with old age. The body’s immunity is weak and cannot fight for itself. It requires boosters to do so. This therapy, when administered early, will beef up the body with the immunity and energy it needs to keep these diseases at bay.

Many people still doubt this treatment and think that the side effects are major. They also believe that the procedure is risky. We can conclude by saying that the benefits are very many and very beneficial.