After living at the same place for years, have you ever got bored or felt an unsettling familiarity with the house? Have you experienced coming home from the office and seeing your house as just a mere shelter for you?

When your house no longer seems appealing to you, it is a sign for you that you need to remodel it. Your mood swing, uncured depression, and all of the grim feelings you have felt lately might be the effect of the boredom you have with your living place.

A dull and plain house is also not good for gathering social favor. If you are a social climber or an outgoing individual who tries to get a raise by hosting parties at home, recklessly managed front yard and house exterior are the means of committing social suicides. Your house represents your personality. And to your guests, the first impression is what they are going to remember for a long time.

Here are are some tips for exterior remodeling that can change your house look and your luck dramatically.

Choosing for proper architectural style

When you plan to remodel the house, aesthetic consideration for personal satisfaction might come as the primary cause. But practicality should also be on your mind side by side with it. Otherwise, the whole remodeling plan is just a waste of money.

Do you plan to live alone for the next five years? Or you plan to have a family or maybe just a companion to live together?

Styles like Colonial and Mediterranean do not fit for a person who lives alone. Those styles provide too much space just for one person. Think about the maintenance and the rooms unoccupied. Wasted space can’t impress people well. They will perceive that you are a clumsy person who is not good at planning.

Contemporary-houseContemporary style is the best for a loner. It offers neither exaggerative nor useless house features. The design promotes simplicity and elegance.

Cape Cod offers more classy and vintage tone than the other styles. It is also not too spacious because it rarely has a second floor. Cape Cod was a one-floor house.

The dominant wood element, multi-pane windows that allow the sunlight to enter the attic and the living room, and distinctive steep gable roof, all in synergy to bring out the vintage quality.

Colonial HouseColonial style is two-floor design, with more space and rooms. This design can accommodate your need if you are planning to live with several family members, or you are planning to have kids. This style is also the best to celebrate family gathering days, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. The large space allocation on the first floor embraces the compatibility of the design with family-bonding activities.

Deciding the proper siding

Siding-houseFirstly, you should think whether you want to do the siding installment by yourself or not. Siding, if carelessly done can ruin the whole look of your house. Siding gives accent to your house personality. It is what determines if a guest is going to like you or not.

Vinyl siding is popular due to its practicality and durability. You can install vinyl siding by yourself, and it does not need professional tools to make the job even easier. The downside to this material is that the look might not be as realistic as when seen from afar.

Wood siding is best for Cape Cod style. But there are many kinds of wood used for siding.

Hiring a remodeling contractor

House-remodeling contractorTo an extreme degree, when your house needs more than ninety percents makeover, it is better for you to hire a remodeling contractor.

Choose the one that publicizes their previous projects. Some contractors have put their concern on environmental issues, so they use recyclable and energy saving materials for housing, like for the roof, the side, and the floors.

Do a quick research on the company’s credibility and try to evaluate whether they are a good listener when you are explaining your ideal house to them.