Almost every region has an area with network problems. The good thing is that you can improve the quality of signal you receive. There are many ways one can enhance the quality of the signal they receive. One of the most important devices to use is an antenna. The principle of operation is similar to that of the TV antenna. This implies that besides having an antenna, you will also need a cable, a connector to get the signal to place you want to have it.

Why do you need an antenna?An Antenna

From the cell tower, many things affect the quality or strength of a signal. Here are some of the main reasons you might be experiencing poor signal quality in your home or office.

Long distance from the cell tower

The loss of signal quality is expected as expected as one moves away from the cell tower. Ideally, in flat terrains, the accepted usable range is about 40 km. If you live in the extremes or outside this range, you need an antenna to enjoy quality signals. A good antenna should allow you to get normal speeds even when you are more than 100 km from the cell tower.

Building penetration

Mobile signals are weakened when passing through buildings. As such, it is expected to find some households or offices in established cities with poor signals even when the cell tower is within range. This explains why you might have a quality signal when outside and weak one once you get inside.

Thick vegetation

An AntennaLike with buildings, vegetation are known for diffusing or weakening signals that pass through them. Ideally, one or two trees might not have a significant effect. However, a forest can significantly impact the quality of signals received. In an area with dense vegetation, you need to have a raised antenna to minimize the effects of the obstructing vegetation.

Are you experiencing network problems? If yes, you need to invest in an antenna like the Telstra 4G Antenna to improve your signal quality. If you are experiencing signal issues, walk around and see whether there is an area with good signal quality. Once you notice an area a good signal, this might be the place to mount your antenna. If there is no place inside the building with the right signal strength, you can consider having a roof camera instead.