What is a bong?

It is a filtration device which is generally used for smoking cannabis and tobacco products. A bong generally looks like a hookah because of the structure and construction of it. But it is smaller than hookah thus it is more portable.

The word came from the thai word “baung”, which means a cylindrical tube or container cut from a bamboo. Today, bongs come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common version are hand blown from glass. Bongs didn’t always look the way they are now. At first, it was made with wood, bamboo, and even plastics.

The structure of the bong can be divided into five parts:

1. The Bowl

The bowl is the place where the cannabis or tobacco is loaded and combusted. It can also be removed, making it a pull or slide carburetor.

2. The carb

It is short for of carburetor. It is a small hole which allows clearing the smoke from the entire chamber of the bong. Commonly comes with pull or slide function in glass bongs.

using a bong when smoking

3. The down stem

It is the small tube that allows the smoke to travel from the bowl down to the base.

4. The base

The base can be of many shapes and sizes according to the style of the bong. Basically, it is the bottom of a bong.

5. The tube

The tube, which ends in the mouthpiece. It is the chamber which fills with smoke after it is filtered through water.

The advantages of using a bong when smoking

Cools the smoke

The advantages of using a bong when smoking are the things that draw people’s attention towards it. The main benefit of a bong is that the amazing ability to cool the smoke through water so we can take a smooth draw even when we inhale a large amount of smoke at once.

The water will cool down the smoke, so the harsh heat doesn’t hit your lungs directly. When we pull the smoke, the smoke travels through the water which forces it into small bubbles, so less heat is transferred to your lungs. The water also filters some large particles from the smoke that can cause damage to the lungs like ash, tar, and sometimes, butane from your lighter.

If we compare the use and advantages of using bong when smoking with other ways of smoking, we will see that bongs have more.

Cool hit

using a bong when smokingAnother great advantage using bong when smoking is that it is a lot better than smoking with a dry pipe. The dry pipes can provide smoke which is harsh. They can be harsh, hot and dry to our throat and lungs. While if we use bong we will get a smooth and cool hit.

Today’s cheap bongs for sale come in many shapes, sizes, and style. There are a lot of advantages of using bong when smoking which made this a better way of smoking than others.