Love is indeed a beautiful thing. It’s even better when the feeling is mutual. Love is perceived in different ways by different people. Love is understood differently depending on how old you are. For instance, it’s very normal for a little child to feel a sense of affection towards their parents. This is a different kind of love from the one that mature and consenting adults share. Sadly though, most people confuse it with lust as well as infatuation. Little do they know that love is selfless and also about giving more than receiving.

The giving factor

The giving factorWhen you realize that you are in love, you will want nothing more than to see your mate happy. You’ll go out of your way to express this rare feeling. Which brings us to the subject of gift giving on one’s birthday. This piece is for the guys who love their girlfriends but have no idea how to show it on their birthday.

First, in order for you to determine the right birthday gift for your girlfriend, you should consider so much. For instance, what are her likes and interests? If you have this question figured out, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. Just put all these factors together, and it will all be a smooth ride. You will have an even easier time when you just asked her to be your girlfriend. Assure her that she made no mistake in accepting your proposal.

Don’t spend too much

It’s possible to settle for a simple birthday gift and impress her to the core. This calls for the highest level of creativity. She could get bored with the same old flowers and chocolate. However, this wouldn’t do any harm if you are celebrating her birthday for the very first time.

Bear in mind that if she truly loves you, she’ll value the fact that you remembered her big day. She’ll value this more than the contents of her birthday gift. This doesn’t mean that you should take the back seat and expect her to understand. As much these days it’s all about the money, be different. Try taking her to the park for a picnic. Have some ice cream afterward and then engage in some games to lighten up the mood. She’ll love it just and love you even more.

Give from your heart

The giving factorDon’t let gifts only be for special occasions. At the same time, you shouldn’t spend too much. Make it something very normal to surprise her with gifts whenever you are in the position to. As should be expected, she’ll have no reason to make her eyes wander off from you. This will be one way of reassuring her of your love for her. Her feelings for you will get deeper than they were when she first met you.


You should also make it a habit to be generous with your compliments. Make sure that they are from your heart as your words can make a profound impact on her. Whether positive or negative, women are known to focus more on what they hear. So make sure that she hears only supportive and positive words from you.